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The play, which celebrates the poet’s musical legacy, is written by Krishna Murthy. “What sets the play apart is the fact that all the dialogues, sounds and music are pre recorded and the actors mime their roles. Despite its challenges, I find this approach more effective because actors don’t have to move close to the mic, they can make use of the stage.

Could not agree more. GoRun1 was the best but then people complained. From a marketing point of view, I don blame Skechers although it is kinda sad. Prof. MARKEL: Yeah. And, you know, Capek was a very interesting man, an interesting journalist and philosopher.

Starbucks’ logo has gone through two previous shifts, most dramatically in 1987, when Starbucks turned a brown woodcut into a green and black image. It dropped “tea” and “spices” from the text and changed the siren from a 16th century Norse woodcut to a more stylized black and white graphic. “Starbucks became green,” says Mr.

IMO if you a new awper mix your style between aggressive and passiv. Don be passive and predictable but don go too aggressive too. The good awper should survive until late rounds because he can change the ending of the round.Add or change things if you agree or disagree.tommytoan 2 points submitted 1 day agowhen i was like 10 years old and first started playing fps, i used the arrow keys and stretched my pinky like crazy to reach the keys.back in the day when strafing was basically a super advanced technique, and even changing key binds was a bit more advanced for most, the default bind for strafe left and right on many games wasmy pinky use to get so fucking sore, i kept using it well into quake2, think i made the change when i started getting into quake2 strafing and circle strafing which made different keys a neccessity.

1418: OLYMPICS BBC sport editor David Bond Tweets: “We always knew the race to finish aquatics centre was tight but am reliably told ODA were only handed keys 6 days ago.”1414: RUGBY LEAGUE Wakefield Wildcats secured their new Super League licence “on merit”, owner Andrew Glover insists.1409: FOOTBALL Chelsea have taken the lead in their pre season friendly against Kitchee in Hong Kong Frank Lampard scoring from the penalty spot after Yossi Benayoun had been tripped inside the area.1408: FOOTBALL Staying with Arsenal, forward Andrey Arshavin has set himself a 15 goal target for the new season. “My own target is simple I would like to score 15 goals in total,” the Russian told the official club website. 1405: FOOTBALL Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger reveals winger Theo Walcott has left the club’s training camp in Germany to undergo a scan on a recurring ankle problem.

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