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That’s the number Hindustan Unilever (HUL) uses to inject a dose of entertainment into the lives of millions of rural Indians and up its business in these areas. ‘Missed call lagao, muft manoranjan pao’ is the tagline of HUL’s eight month old Kan Khajura Tesan (or KKT), an on demand, entertainment channel on the mobile platform.KKT is a ‘mobile radio’, that provides free entertainment to people who live in the ‘media dark’ regions of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Jharkhand, India’s Hindi and Bhojpuri speaking belt. The content is interspersed with ads for HUL’s brands.KKT claims to have over 12 million users (source: Ozonetel Systems, HUL’s cloud telephony platform for KKT).

I can’t wait to use nursing sports bra once baby is here. It’s about time someone addressed the fact that nursing mamas still want to juggle their own health alongside breastfeeding their babies. Finding time to make it all work will never be easy but with products like this one, it just might be getting a bit more do able..

What I am really thinking about is the last 2 weeks before the big day. Specifically, what I want them to do so that they help me get them prepared for the big day, the CIM. I know they have run all the miles, more than any other Rogue group in Rogue history, so they are physically prepared for the marathon distance.

I should have more social interaction in my everyday life. I should like people, and being around people, more. I should see the good in everyone. The competition among some well known brands begins its way. The brand who can find the new fashion trend can become the leader of a new fashion. But how to obtain this goal? The sales of business can be the spokesman.

This article warns parents about the dangers of the new craze teenagers are doing called The Cinnamon Challenge. I think I was just and don judge me on this but bored. Maybe a little curious. The Tumbleweed ConnectionGreetings from the dry and dusty West, where Southern California is quickly blowing into the ocean under a barrage of howling, desiccating Santa Ana winds that seem to want to carry away your skin cells into the ocean and leave you a parched, shriveled up, devitalized lump of flesh. While my fellow letter carriers in Massachusetts and other points along the Eastern Seaboard plow through and leap across seven foot snowdrifts to deliver America’s mail, the only storm story I have to share from Winter 2015 concerns a huge tumbleweed I had to wiggle my way past a couple Thursdays ago to get to a mailbox, when the Santa Anas were raging. But I’m sure my friends and coworkers in the Northeast quadrant of the country would gladly trade their long johns, mittens, and Eskimo style parkas to bask for a few moments in that 80 degree gust blowing in from the Great Basin..

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