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Feeling shite? Put yourself a bit further back with no fuss. Now if only Wythall Hollywood’s race committee would put chip timing in place, it’d be a near perfect; even if they had to add a couple of quid on to each entry, I’d pay that for timing accuracy and speed of results turnaround (last year’s week long wait for results really was too much). Shortly after the briefing, we runners were released into the wild to carve out our 5k and 10k destinies..

The equality between school children boys/girls is relatively equal as it is standardly expected for them to participate in the sports of football, rugby, netball and rounders Also having more support from the government into school sports to introduce more variety of different sports, those being forced to participate are more likely to quit as soon as they have the chance to rather than having the option of different variety of sports from high intensity to low intensity; netball and hockey to yoga, Pilates etc. However this can be highly time consuming and schools of different standards may not receive the funding to bring in specialist coaches or be provided with the correct facilities for the whole concept to work, or those schools fortunate enough to be provided with the facilities and coaches may take full advantage and create the divide between, for example, state to private schools even wider which is a negative. Therefore the organisation of ‘this girl can’ should continue to target all areas of women and all ages, size and well being and provide them with as many opportunities as possible.

The itinerant natives of 250 years ago were lighting fires to cook and warm themselves. Granted, they knew what they were doing, at least more so than the bros who drive their truck down that old dirt road to the river to drink that good stuff by the campfire and listen to Eric Church and light off fireworks. But lighting campfires isn an everynight thing any more.

You will find it by clearly defining your goals and objectives, then taking action. You also won find what you looking for by standing around the coffee shop complaining about tenants, contractors, etc. Standing around any place griping and complaining will only help you find one thing: more people standing around griping and complaining.

Bluegrass 10000 on Tuesday. One of the biggest races where I live. I know I won win but hopefully I can be top 5 and get a pr. Not turning a profit isn necessarily a bad in the first few years. For example, Amazon initial business plan made it clear that they wouldn turn a profit within the first 4 5 years while they grow slowly. Box is doing B2B and needs to spend a ton of money on marketing and sales to sign up businesses.

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