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As for the holsters themselves, my left handed Raptor would not accomodate a reversed mag release it drop the mag as the holster makes contact with the release. Further, I found my holsters also scratch my guns pretty bad, and fit and finish is just pretty meh for the lead time and cost. I take my money over to Zorn now..

A handful of nuts is a great way to get healthy fats in your diet. Almonds are your best bet, low in calories and carbs with 1 ounce (roughly 23 almonds) containing less than 150 calories and only 1.5 grams of carbs. A study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed people who added 1.5 ounces of the nut to their diet each day reported reduced hunger.

The red shirt was in control once again Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club. As the shadows from the pine trees started to lengthen over the emerald setting below, Tiger Woods had a 1 shot lead with three holes to play. A fourth green jacket in nine years and his ninth major victory were well within reach..

In keeping with the movie’s nods to the Smiths, the album ends with a cover version of Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want, performed by Deschanel’s offscreen band She Him. Featuring M. Ward’s hollowed out, faded glitter production, and some unusual, drawn out phrasings from the crooning Deschanel, the song is a showstopper.

Check out Kenmore appliance pairs discounted by 49% or more, plus a choice of NordicTrack treadmill or elliptical machines for $600 (save $900 to $1,000), jeans for $10 (regular price $24 to $39), and big discounts on many Craftsman tools, mowers, snow blowers, and more. On Wednesday night, with free shipping on all orders. On Black Friday, according to the retailer Black Friday ad.

Dishonesty fully respects neither oneself nor others. Honesty imbues lives with openness, reliability, and candor; it expresses a disposition to live in the light. Dishonesty seeks shade, cover, or concealment. Transocean Ltd., the owner of the rig, places blame on BP, citing that “BP made a series of decisions that increased risk,” including choosing “a design for the well that made it more difficult to seal it off from explosive natural gas,” insisting “on a needlessly complex formula for a crucial cement seal,” and confusing “the rig’s crew by repeatedly changing plans for finishing work on the well” (Casselman Gonzalez). On the other hand, “BP released a report that largely faulted Transocean and another of BP’s contractors, Halliburton Co.” (Casselman Gonzalez). In another circumstance they stated, “‘it was not appropriate to second guess Transocean'” and that “‘it’s not BP’s role to oversee the safety of the rig'” (Bower)..

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