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3. Arms (Part 1) This part occurs at the same time as your lead leg. (Assuming your right leg=lead leg) I am going to tell you what to do to explain how I want your arms to be. Concept: A banner advert except that, when you click it, it does not take you to a website. Instead, every click brings a new line of text, taking the user deeper into a story (which has little to do with snacks) without ever leaving the ad. Won a Cyber Lion award at Cannes..

Sambil menunjuk kepada berhala yang tergeletak tidak berdaya dan terikat pada bangkai anjing itu, mereka mengajak akal budi dan hati nurani Amr bin Jamuh untuk berdialog serta membeberkan kepadanya perihal Tuhan yang sesungguhnya, Yang Maha Agung lagi Maha Tinggi, yang tidak satu pun yang menyamai Nya. Begitupun tentang Muhammad saw, orang yang jujur dan terpercaya, yang muncul di arena kehidupan ini untuk memberi bukan untuk menerima, untuk memberi petunjuk dan bukan untuk menyesatkan. Dan mengenai Agama Islam yang datang untuk membebaskan manusia dari belenggu segala macam belenggu dan menghidupkan pada mereka ruh Allah serta menerangi dalam hati mereka dengan cahaya Nya..

Much of Australia had committed to achieving the goal in 2010, and resolutions had been passed in New Zealand, Toronto, twelve Asia Pacific nations, Ireland, Scotland, the Haut Rhin Department in the Alsace region of France, and several California counties. So far, no community had reached this nirvana, a condition perfected only by nature. For humans to achieve zero waste, went the rhetoric, would require not only maximizing recycling and composting, but also minimizing waste, reducing consumption, ending subsidies for waste, and ensuring that products were designed to be either reused, repaired, or recycled back into nature or the marketplace.

Well the bandana trend has been a thing, was a thing then I don know if it still is but I been a fan since this post if you remember and I no owner of any bandanas at the moment cos I somehow always loose them. I will have to get one soon tho. As much as I love to look proper in terms of my style I still somehow embraced the bandana trend with no regrets actually cos it makes me look good, hippy but good still.

PM: It’s not easy. It’s an instrument that I requested somebody make for me Linda Manzer, who is a great guitar builder in Canada. Once she cracked the idea, on a technical level, of how you would do something like that, it took me about four or five years of staring at it just to figure out how to even tune it, you know? It’s been an ongoing thing, to try to figure out what to do with that instrument, and “The Sound Of Silence” track on the record is sort of new territory for me it’s the first time I’ve tried to play sort of a conventional song on it..

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