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The fabled personal recordings young Presley paid Sun Records $3.98 to make are here. The very early singles are all represented as well and they’ve been put through a magical audio scrubber and buffed to diamond clarity. The set includes every available studio outtake, and some choice banter between takes.

Partly, this is an attitude problem. Indifferent or even negative attitudes have to be changed. On the other hand, attitude problems normally follow from a lack of understanding of facts. This year winners will be exhibited at theprintspace in east London. Fine Art winners Alex Felix choose to build vibrant colourful scenery before each shoot rather than digitally altering photos later.Chinese artist Bang Peng, winner of the landscapes/nature category, focuses primarily on landscapes believing that, in addition to the impact the images have on the observer, the act of capturing them also changes the photographer.Self taught photographer Claudio Napolitano has won numerous honours for his photographic work which focuses on social statement. Commercially he has worked on campaigns for the likes of Coca Cola and Johnson Johnson.

The film is almost over before there are clear clues separating fantasy from reality and we understand that he’s advancing a complex theme about soulmates and reincarnation. His ambition takes my breath away, but in Caf de Flore the execution fails.Nominated for: best picture, best art direction, best costume, best direction (David Cronenberg), best editing, best music (Howard Shore), best actor (Michael Fassbender), best supporting actor (Viggo Mortensen), best sound, best sound editing, best visual effects.A Dangerous Method sees the fathers of modern psychiatry conducting an intellectual debate about the nature of madness and how to get their theories of psychoanalysis more widely accepted, set against the backdrop of pre First World War Vienna and Zurich. Portraying Carl Jung, Michael Fassbender begins the relationship with a series of letters before actually meeting his idol, Sigmund Freud (played by Viggo Mortensen).

Over the last half century, the image of the ideal woman has morphed into one of genetic impossibility for 95% of the female population.[1] The media’s images of women are often dramatically altered or even constructed.[2] “But how does this negatively affect women?” you may wonder. The answer lies in how women respond to these images. Just think of how many times you, or a woman you know, steps on the scale each week, hoping that the number is lower than at the previous weigh in.

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