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The Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% is one of the most discussed, most anticipated and most sought after shoes to date. They were designed as part of Nike’s attempt to break the 2 hour marathon barrier (Breaking2 project) earlier this year. The shoes have been available to non elite runners since June 2017, but have been sold out most anytime I’ve checked Nike’s website (we are now at the end of October)..

After all the items are done falling, the commercial then changes scenes to where it introduces the commercial motto, like a man, feel like a man. This implies that if you use Gillette body wash, you will feel like a man. In addition to this, it also implies that the items that fall from the man are also included in a man meaning that you have to do at least some of these things to be a man, which makes me think, women do these things as well, does that give them man sized odor? and, would fall from woman sized odor? In this ad, a man in the media is to do all of thestereotypical things a man does, yard work, handy man business, and football, which infers that a woman is not able to do these things because they are too weak or unable, perhaps..

I noticed about a mile into it that I was cold. Ideally, you shouldn’t notice clothing problems during a race. I also did a little bit of racing during the last mile, back and forth with a fellow runner, and managed to kick it into the downhill finish in 19:40 and 11th place overall.

Nikken USA Inc., an Irvine based direct marketing company that sells nutritional supplements and relaxation products, has filed a lawsuit accusing high tech gadgets retailer Sharper Image Corp. Of infringing on a patent for therapeutic magnets that fit inside shoes. Patent for magnetized adhesive pads, including shoe insoles, thought to relieve foot pain.

I am not a lover of driving, so I was quite stressed about getting there and finding a parking space at an area I don’t know at all. As we arrived at SNFCC I just thought I should ask the guys at the parking lot entrance for some advice on where to go. As soon as I told them we were there for Penny Marathon they waved us in and said we could park on the first floor, take the lift to the ground floor, go through the main building (something like walking with dogs through Royal Festival Hall in London) and come out on the other side of it to find the start of our race.

But it been a decade since I opened the rusty file cabinet for a scan. Once an idea hoarder, always an idea hoarder. Thanks to Pinterest I can pin productively. Malik Hooker looked like a true centerfield safety before his ACL popped. Quincy Wilson looks like he could develop into a top end No. 2 corner one day..

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