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To attack Wall, Barea said: “I don’t think his teammates like him, either.” It came from his mouth as effortlessly as Wall’s “midget” comment. Since then, Wall has shrugged it off, and the Wizards have reassured him it’s not true. But we’ve all lived long enough to know that relationships are complicated, especially with star athletes, and it’s possible to like a person overall but find fault in some of his characteristics..

One year later same bank same loan they allowed 100% to be considered.Personally, unless the real estate market nationwide tumbles (which is possible), I don’t think Portland will go down much because demand is increasing as people continue to move up to Oregon from California (a trend I see no evidence of slowing down) and there isn’t really a way to add infastructure like roads and highways in the city center. The suburbs will grow, but Oregonian cities generally have a densification policy. So I think in all liklihood, if the national economy remains stable, Portland housing will continue to appreciate.

This shoot was really great. We got up bright and early to get the beautiful morning light and get all the good locations before they got too busy. Mornings can be tough when it really really early, but we kept the yawns away by laughing, having fun and keeping it really high energy.

In a world where passwords are stolen everyday, biometrics such as facial recognition are going to become increasingly common. Apple iPhone and Samsung smartphone users are already used to identifying themselves with the fingerprint scanners on their handsets. (Windows 10 also offers fingerprint as well as iris scanning for logging in.

We either like or hate Hillary. We either like or hate Obama. We either like or hate Lebron, Kobe, Muslims, Beiber, Rap Music, religion, the list goes on and on. Ask a random person on the street where Belgium is, and chances are they cannot tell you that it is a country in Europe nestled between France, Germany and The Netherlands. However, many people will know little of this small country’s culinary gift to the world crisp fries, well crafted beers and fine chocolates, to name just a few. The one thing most do know is that Belgium makes waffles.

We bought three Flip video cameras for people to have fun with and hopefully capture the ceremony and some of the toasts. This sounded more The only downside to this DIY approach is that we still have to shift through all the video ourselves and hone our editing skills. However, I think our friends were thankful to not have a camera shoved in their faces asking for advice or best wishes for the bride and groom..

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